Top 10 Things I Learned at #DWCC15

So, here I am, back from an amazing trip through Bulgaria and Turkey. I sit here at my computer waiting for the next course of a meal that is never coming looking at my bed with its two lonely pillows...I can't help but miss DWCC15 already!! But alas, I have some awesome memories and takeaways from this year's conference. In no particular order, here they are!

10. Broaden your horizons, wine people have interests outside of wine. A couple of quick google searches and you can expand your blog and expand your reach.

 Zeynap Arca Salliel of Arcadia Winery. She even holds light in her hand!

Zeynap Arca Salliel of Arcadia Winery. She even holds light in her hand!

9. There are more women than men making wine in Turkey. YAY!!! #girlsrock

8. Consistency is key! Blogging, branding, posting, whatevs...just be consistent

7. I'm now a fan of the Mavrud grape of Bulgaria. I enjoyed several great examples of the grape throughout the conference. Too bad I'm #TeamCarryOn, wine bottles are larger than 3oz 

 Photo Credit: Rowena of Apron & Sneakers

Photo Credit: Rowena of Apron & Sneakers

6. Walking through the vineyard with to-go glasses is absolutely civilized!

5. Free download of Cathy Huyghe's book, Hungry for Wine!! #winning

4. Your blog doesn't have to last forever! Wanna just blog about what you're drinking during football season or the sparkling wine section at your local wine shop?? DO IT!!

3. I got used to 5-course meals, prepared by a chef and brought to me at the table, really quickly. Coming home and having to cook a one-course dinner AND plate it myself AND bring it to the table was extremely depressing. Those dishes are still in the sink.

2. I MUST have a wine fountain like the one outside of Villa Yustina. I should probably get a house first, but just let me live in my dream!

1. You cannot bribe Turkish border control! Like, I actually strongly advise against it. I won't name any names here (you know who you are!!) 

It was great to meet new friends and see those from last year. I'm looking forward to next year :-)

Thanks to Ryan, Gabrielle, Robert, Mathilde and Sarah for putting on an amazing conference! And a special thank you to Rowena of Apron & Sneakers for her amazing photo!! 


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