Cotes du Jura

I'm pretty interested in trying new wines. Wines that I don't get to try in the States because I can't find them, they cost too much, or when I had the opportunity to taste a real wine from the Jura, I jumped on it.

Now, I'll start with saying that wines from Jura are made in a slightly oxidative style. Fine by me! I was tasked with ordering a bottle for friends, I probably should've taken their thoughts and likes into consideration... I just saw a bottle of Jura on the menu and went it! I redeemed myself later that night though.

As for the wine, this particular one was a 2008 Cotes du Jura Savagnin. Savagnin is the main grape variety of the Jura and something you really won't find anywhere else. Pale yellow in color, the flavor of this wine starts off as oxidative and pretty acidic but as you swirl the wine and let it sit in the glass for a little bit, those flavors aren't as overpowering as they were initially. I did get flavors of juicy apples with a tangy finish. Maybe even some quince and spice. Maybe. As for food, this would pair well with salty or very creamy dishes. 

If you've never had one before I'd definitely say to try it, with friends. That way you know that even if you don't particularly care for it, you all will still empty the entire bottle :-)

Have you tried a wine from Jura before? What did you think?

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