Les Heures Heureuses

Ever go to an event and then wonder why you hadn't gone sooner, more often? Yeah, I know! So Paris had a 3 day event, Les Heures Heureuses, The Happy Hours Weds - Fri. Several places around Paris (that could be found in a 'passport') would have an appetizer available for 2euros. 2 EUROS!!!! I should be doing this everyday, right?!! But, I'm moving to a new apartment and having to pay a security deposit and get all the little incidentals that I need for said new apt and I'm going on 'vacation' this weekend. So I said that I was only going to go one day and spend money one day. 

I got a little hype when I went on Monday and picked up the bag and was about to change my mind, but I had to stick to my guns right? I had a legit reason... So I went out on Friday to the event they had, a few vendors serving food and a couple of drinks in a square. Meh. It was cute. So I looked at the passport that was in the bag and walked to some other places that were in the area.

1st stop, Le Petit Café du Monde Entier. The lady gives us this rundown of tapas and I ask for the mushroom queso whatever. You know my French is still in the beginning phases so that is all I could make out. She brings over a drink and soup. Ummm, okay maybe I ordered more than I thought. It was good though lol. Then comes the queso fundido complete with hot, melty cheese, mushrooms and onions. Delish! We know that we're getting charged euro for this, but NOPE, bill comes, 2euro. WINNING!! This stop was only about 20mins so off to the next place. 

Up the street a bit, like a 2 min walk, was Au Deux Pas. Packed full of people enjoying the happy hour with their passports out on the table. So, Au Deux Pas had an extensive menu for 2euro, not just one dish but like 8 savory, 6 sweet, some dessert and drinks!! See why I was a bit perturbed that I hadn't done it all three days?! But anyway, I ordered a polenta app with chorizo and calamari and a glass of rosé. Food came quickly from just the tiniest little restaurant kitchen. I'm still amazed at what they do here in such a small space! No more than 6 tables inside and only enough room for one chef and one waitress. I think there was a dude that was a sous chef/dishwasher but he was kinda standing in the doorway... Anyway, not exactly sure all the ingredients in my polenta but it was black and perfect :-) So we're now at 3 dishes and 2 drinks and we've only spent 6euros!

We have time for one more spot and we decide on La Causerie because they have live music and one table left. Live music (that I recognize) will always win out with me! We grab the last table and summon the waiter. He sees our passport, because I needed it out for the map, and ask do we want the happy hour dish? Uhhhh, yeah! 'Would you like the drink too?", he said. There's a drink?! Yep, a Kir Royale!! Sparkling wine and cassis. We'll take it!  So we sit at our table outside and sip our Kir Royale while eating some cheese and listening to music. We spent a grand total of 10euros for 3 drinks and 4 apps. Def should've done that for dinner all three days. Le sigh, peut-être la prochaine fois. 

Bourgogne Climats included on the UNESCO World Heritage List!

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