One of the Best

I've eaten quite a bit of food since I've been here in Paris from awesome steak frites to duck confit to juicy 'American-style' hamburgers. But this recent's def top 3! I'm talking about Dersou in the 12eme arr. Cocktail and food pairing is their specialty. And special it was!! 7 courses with 7 cocktails. (I was on the metro, it's fine) Everything was creatively done but not too fancy that you didn't want to eat it. And these were real cocktails, regular sized paired with a decent amount of food. No chance I left there still hungry. I couldn't wait to get home and get in bed!

I'd love to tell you what each dish was and how it was prepared and what the ingredients of each cocktail were, I am after all writing a blog post... But no, with the noise level of the restaurant and the language barrier, you'll just have to settle for the pictures, taken with my cell phone :-) I will tell you that my fav dishes were the lamb (5th pic) and the dessert. 


If you didn't already know, Paris is very leisurely with their meals. In this instance, VERY leisurely lol! Plan for this to be  your event for the evening. Even though I'm not sure how much energy you have for anything else after 7 cocktails and 7 plates of food. 

Take note that while I highly recommend this restaurant, this is where you go if you're trying to impress someone or treat yourself very very well. This is not a budget friendly cafe to have a steak and a couple of drinks. But know that it will absolutely be money well spent! I highly recommend it!!

P.S. - French Chef Extraordinaire Ludo Lefebvre came into the restaurant and sat at the table next to mine *swoon*


21 Rue Saint Nicolas

Paris, France 75012

Les Heures Heureuses

Cotes du Jura