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  When it comes to Paris, there are SO MANY restaurants to choose from. There are brasseries, cafés, and restaurants dotting every street and corner in the city. There are times when I go out to a specific restaurant, but often I am just out running errands when I find myself starving! And since I can't possibly know about every place in every neighborhood, I have to stop at a random restaurant.

This approach has been met with many different responses, I'll only mention the hidden gems here.

Around the Louvre and Palais Royal is tourist central, plenty of places to eat, all mediocre at best. But of course I found myself in that area hungry. I walked down rue de Richeliu actually looking for an Asian restaurant. Stopped in a Japanese spot that was serving Udon noodles. The staff was Japanese and we were the only non-Asians in the place. Winner, right? Not exactly as I wasn't really trying to pay those prices. Moving on. 

Walked by a covered passageway next to Verjus (known for its fried chicken) and decided to see what was down the path



This cute spot, in the shade greeted us. Across from the garden and behind the Palais and open (big deal in Paris in August) so we sat down. Formule for lunch is always a great deal, entree + plat or plat + dessert  fur a set price. I ordered the pastèque avec smoked saumon et feta. Why I never thought to pair smokey, salty salmon with watermelon is beyond me! This dish was awesome!!



This is Paris so of course that is a carafe of rosé you see there ;-) Wine with lunch is a local custom that I am pleased to get on board with!

For my entree, magret de canard et patates au gratin. If I see duck breast on a menu here in Paris, I'm ordering it, guaranteed. I love a good plate presentation, and France really has a tight game with this. Even in the some of the 'lower-end' restaurants, plates come out looking like a million bucks. They may taste like $2, but the look divine. Here at Reflets, the taste matched the presentation.



I mean, just look at it! Juicy and tender, I took one bite, closed my eyes and titled my head back. I don't care, it was good! I decided against dessert as I sipped on the last of my wine and enjoyed the breeze and the conversation (read: sleepy). At only 14.50euros for lunch, this is definitely a gem around the Louvre.


Clearly you will find yourself in this neighborhood (because who comes to Paris and doesn't at least walk by the Louvre!) so you must stop in for a bite to eat for lunch or hit up this awesome happy hour. I can absolutely get behind 6euro cocktails! 

Reflets de Scène

22 rue Beaujolais

1st Arrondisement Metro: Palais Royale/Musee du Louvre

It's #CabernetDay!!!

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