Wine & Candy, an Easter Pairing

Did you know that Easter is the second-largest candy eating occasion?? Who knew?! Guess there are a lot of Peeps eaters out there (Cadbury creme eggs are my fav!). 

Here are a couple of solid pairings so that you can have your Peeps and drink wine with them too!

Peeps with Prosecco

o   The acidity in this crisp and semi-sweet bubbly prosecco can stand up to the sugar coating of the marshmallow bunnies making Peeps and prosecco an unlikely match made in heaven. 


Cadbury Creme Eggs with Malbec

o   This Argentinian Malbec has smooth flavors of ripe fruit and vanilla that complement both the milk chocolate shell and creamy center of the Cadbury Egg. 


Jelly Belly Jelly Beans with Pinot Grigio

o   With more than 50 varieties of Jelly Bellies, it’s hard to anticipate the exact flavor profile of your Easter assortment.  Balanced and food-friendly, this Pinot Grigio is versatile enough to accompany all the possible flavor combinations in your Easter basket from Cherry to Root Beer.

*Post written with the assistance of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

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