Taking shots in Poland

Taking shots in Poland

I had the great opportunity to travel to Warsaw to do some touring, but most importantly, drink some vodka!! The country is known to be the first and best producer of vodka (unless you're speaking to a Russian). And seeing as I'm Girl Meets Glass, I clearly needed to taste and see for myself. 

One of the main differences of Polish vodka than others is that most of them are made from potatoes. This leads to a creamier, softer flavor in the final product. I actually signed up for two different tours so that I could not only take shots (because that's how you drink vodka) but also learn a bit about the drinking culture and history of Polish vodka and Warsaw. Well, both tours were cancelled. BOTH. Not to be defeated, I took to Google and found a few 'shot bars' and headed out.  

Weeeeeelllll, taking shots is not too much fun by yourself. So I sipped a couple as to not look like a drink and extend the experience. I pulled up a chair at Aferna na Szpitalnej and asked the bartender a couple of questions, but English was definitely a challenge. I even pulled out some of my French. Nope. But, I did have the pleasure of tasting several different styles of regular and flavored vodka. Plum, apple, lemon, grapefruit, black lilac, oak... and some that I don't remember because, vodka.

I did enjoy a night a Piw Paw Beer Heaven a craft beer spot with over 40 beers on tap. I had a coupon for 5 tastes so I went through a range of pale ale, lager, wheat and sour. This was a pretty cool experience and the beers were local. I couldn't tell if it was local to Warsaw or just Poland in general, but either way I was drinking something that I wouldn't be able to drink in another country. And for that I'm grateful and all was not lost.

Not sure if I'd visit Poland again. I'd have to have some guaranteed tours set up, by like a vodka brand or the tourism board. Someone that I know wouldn't fake! I'm interested in the nightlife/bar scene as well. I go out a lot and try different things but I don't really do well going to lounges or bars by myself, in a country where I don't speak the language. 

But hey, I did taste some great vodka and loaded my suitcase up with several bottles. Did I mention the prices?? I didn't!! CHEAP!!! I had 4 shots in one bar and the total was like 10€. WHAT?! I just paid and ran because clearly he rang that up incorrectly! I'm looking forward to tasting the hazelnut vodka I bought that I kept hearing about online. Apparently I'm supposed to mix it with milk and it tastes like Nutella. We shall see.

#TravelTuesday             Cahors FR

#TravelTuesday Cahors FR

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