A Bitter Lesson

So, was having a convo on twitter about bartenders not knowing their stuff. My girl @AKingEvents and @MrMixologist believe that bartenders should know the basics. I said, "School us!!" She did! Her tweets on the subject are as follows...
Ok. Bitters. Now...these are a cocktail additive, not an ingredient or chaser/mixer. What's the diff, u ask?
Regardless of the ingredients in ur bitters, its purpose should be to complement or even highlight another flavor in the drink's profile.
I should never ever taste a cocktail and go hmm...tastes like @AngosturaUSA @NapaBittersCo etc. same way food shouldn't be primarily salty
Josh Davis ‏@MrMixologist -- @AKingEvents bitters is always a good subject.. I've been playing around with some Dandelion bitters @fliemyxes sent me
W/food, u should taste the ingredients first. U shouldn't even sense the saltiness, bc it's not the star. It's there to help along the rest
Same deal w/cocktails & bitters. The ingredients in the bitters are varied + complex & serve to enhance the profile created by other stuff
So when selecting what bitters to add in ur drink, 1st realize that it's flavor will not be predominant. & if it is, you've added too much
Josh Davis - To go on @AKingEvents last tweet.. It's all about balance. You should be able to taste everything in the cocktail as well as the complexity that bitters adds to it
Instead, think...how will this dandelion/lavender/blood orange bitters affect the fruits, spirits and liqueurs that are already IN the drink
A person with a trained palate like, @girlmeetsglass for example might could notice the bitters & ID it's ingredients...
But that's not what I'm talking abt here. I'm talking balance. Think of ur mom's fave dish. Obv. It has salt. But what role does it play?
I consider them essential when kept in their proper place. That's y theyre measured in drops. no such thing as a tbsp of bitters 4 a reason
Ok. Now. I really gotta do some diplomacy! Interesting my portfolio for today:"cachaca avoids import tariffs by NOT classifying as a rum"
lol. Bitters are like the thread in a hair weave. Absolutely necessary, but if you notice it, something's definitely wrong.

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