A Man's Drink

I like manly men. I like broad shoulders, strong backs, biceps… Sorry, this is a drinking blog and I was distracted. But anyway! I like for a man to be a man. This includes what’s in his glass. And yes there is a double standard here, because I (a girl) can drink whatever I want. But a man at the bar sipping any colorful beverage through a straw with any type of fruit floating on the top, he won’t get my real name. Of course there are exceptions. Like if he is actually on a beach with his feet in some sand, he sure can sip that colorful daiquiri or mai tai. But that guy that ordered the Strawberry Daiquiri at Red Lobster AND dipped the strawberries in the drink to eat them - one and done.

The guy that orders The Macallan 15yr neat and sips slowly while watching the game…I like him. The dude that let’s me pour him Armagnac or Dewar’s and soda, I’m a huge fan. A French Connection, that’s cool too. I think it’s sexy when a man drinks like a man.

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