Angels Envy

I had the pleasure of attended the inaugural release party for Angels Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey this evening. This is the Bourbon that brought 47-year Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson out of retirement. He attended the event and was so kind and gracious. I talked his ear off for a good 30-40 mins with questions regarding Angels Envy, how he became a Distiller and what it’s like to be a Master Distiller. Most interesting (and memorable after sipping bourbon) was the story of how he decided on the name Angels Envy. It is said that for every year a bourbon is aged, you lose a little spirit to evaporation. This is known as ‘the Angel’s Share’. Lincoln Henderson reckoned that he was willing to lose a little more for this masterpiece, leaving behing the Angel’s Envy. And he then signed a bottle of the Angels Envy for me. An amazing guy that Lincoln Henderson.  

The main things he wanted me to take away from the tasting were:

1. This is a complex whiskey aged in traditional new oak barrels and FINISHED in port casks. They are the only Kentucky distillery to do this.

2. The port casks soften the alcohol making this a bourbon that women will love

3. This bourbon is delicious!!

Tasting  Notes: Bright amber color with a tinge of copper. Aromas of maple syrup and vanilla. Medium-bodied with flavors that match the aromas and I got a subtle apricot, raisin, and perhaps a hint of chocolate. Lingering sweetness and Madeira on the finish.

The Angel’s Decree

1 1/2 oz of Angel’s Envy

1/2 oz of Port

Dash of bitters

Top with Ginger Ale

Combine the first 3 ingredients, top with ginger ale. Serve in a high ball glass.

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