Birthday Week

For me, birthdays are great!! I don’t care how old I am, my birthday is a special day…a holiday even! Birthday Eve is an official celebration and sometimes I carry this celebration on all week. Kinda like last week. My birthday was Wednesday. I started the party the Saturday before actually during my demo at the Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show. I had to taste the drinks I made, right?! Then carried it on until the next Saturday with A Drink With Friends at Chez Billy. I had a blast and love all my friends for coming out to celebrate and buy my drinks. I thank you. My liver…not so much!!

Saturday - Sangria and Mulled wine at Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show, drinks at The Passenger

Sunday — Sangria and Mulled wine at Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show, some sweet peachy iced tea at 1920 bar in DC

Monday — Loire Valley Wine Ambassador at The Wine Harvest in Potomac, MD. I poured (and tasted of course) Sancerre, Pinot Gris, Anjou Rouge, Chinon

Tuesday — Birthday Eve!!! and Election Night. Ciroc Obamas and Coco Locso(coconut Ciroc and pineapple juice) This made me almost want to go out ad buy some Ciroc…almost

Wednesday — It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! — Mediterranean Sangria: Figenza Vodka, cranberry juice, sparkling wine, lemons, limes, apples at Carolina Kitchen, Hyattsville

Thursday — Young Winos of DC happy hour. Rhone red and a Cava rose at Barcode, DC

Friday — Happy Hour club Bourbon & Ginger, Goose Island Sofie (beer) I put several people at the bar on to this one…it’s kind of amazing and from ChiTown!! Uptown Tap House, DC

Saturday — Bloody Marias, El Centro DC. Ciroc Peach and pineapple juice, Day Party, Cities DC. Armangnac, Chez Billy, DC.

Whew!! Thank goodness for that SodaStream…I drank carbonated water all day Sunday LOL!!

Birthday Gift