Black History Month - Wine Wednesday #2

Although worlds apart, wine ultimately brought them together.

Sisters Andrea and Robin weren’t raised together, Andrea in New Zealand and Robin was in the US. Being in New Zealand afforded Andrea the opportunity to learn grape farming as a child and then grow up to enjoy her New Zealand grapes in a glass as an adult. She came to the states to attend USC and heard the call of the wine business. As she recalls, “I realized all I wanted to do was drink wine, have a good time and make a difference in the world!”

After creating the business plan and finding an investor, Wines was born. The sisters vision for their wine brand is to create wines that ‘celebrate life, beauty and optimism for the betterment of humankind’. Wines are made in the first carboNZeroCertTM winery in the world. Recycled glass is used for its bottles and no paper is used for labeling, natural inks are used on the bottle.

The Wines first vintage was produced in 2009 and consists of Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Noir.

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A Bitter Lesson