Cocktail demo at Julhes 

I’m totally going out of order of when I attended these events, but you don’t mind, right?? I just want to share things with you daily. I definitely wish I could have done this as the events were happening, but these events are surrounding around drinking. In the evenings. Sooooo, you get where I’m going with this…

Anyway, this is a quick cocktail demo that was presented at Julhes on rue Faubourg Saint-Denis. It was presented by a bartender from the hot new bar, Le Syndicat, which was right down the street. Le Syndicat is known for using unknown or forgotten French spirits in their drinks and Le Douce Prune was no different. Using a plum eau-de-vie from Bourgogne (Burgundy) and a French vermouth, this drink was a great blend of tart and silky. I’m a huge fan of egg whites in cocktails and I think that gave it a nice balanced finish and you can’t beat the foam it produces at the top of the drink.

I was slightly worried going into this event that it would be totally in French. While I can kinda understand French, it is def hard for me and I have to REALLY listen REALLY closely. Luckily the guy was speaking English for a couple of Paris Cocktail Week attendees when I walked in. We chatted a bit and they told me they were from…guess where? CHICAGO! I know right, my hometown. The world is too small.

I enjoyed this event as it was a a nice intro into #PCW15 and what the inspiration behind this particular cocktail was and why certain spirits were used. 

I ended up at Le Syndicat later in the week to try a full-sized cocktail, but more about that in another post.