False Evidence Appearing Real

This is a little bit different than my usual posts as there will be no review of wine, bottle pics, or cocktail recipes. Soooooo, what am I even writing for? LOL! My STEPsister Shai Cooper of Fleur Management is hosting a #Blog4Biz challenge in which I agreed (read: strong-armed) to participate.

                                             Day 11 – FEAR

image I was at a mixer a month or so ago and saw a bartender friend. We hadn’t seen each other in forever, just a few FB interactions so we started chatting it up a bit. As we chatted about his mobile bartending business, what he needed, how I could help, he waved his hand (yep, he interrupted me) and said, “What are you afraid of?” What?? Who, ME?!! Hmph… After I got over my, ‘who does he think he is…he doesn’t even know me’ antics, I really thought about  his questions realizing it was one that I had wondered about myself.

                                        What am I afraid of?

Beyond snakes, spiders and the occasional metro rat, what is holding me up, making me shake in my stilettos as it relates to Girl Meets Glass??

Is Girl Meets Glass qualified? I am a Certified Specialist of Wine, Certified Specialist of Spirits, BarSmarts Certified, Accredited Burgundy Educator, French Wine Scholar, Spanish Wine Educator, and Advanced WSET certified. I perhaps can speak to things wine and spirits related.

Do people need Girl Meets Glass’ services? I speak at festivals, host private events, write articles, teach courses at the collegiate level. Guessing this answer is yes…?

So what is it??

                                              THE UNKNOWN!!

Can I sustain/maintain a life from Girl Meets Glass? How will I get new clients? What exactly should I be working on daily to further monetize my business, my blog? Will people like me?? All of these questions, and I could keep going, and not nearly enough answers.

This is where faith, hope and hard work come in. I have to push through the doubt in my head and work! This challenge, the STEPsisters google+ hangout, my wine podcast that debuts soon (shameless plug, stay tuned)…til my fingers fall off this keyboard and my eyes burn from staring at the screen and my voice goes hoarse from teaching, talking, networking…I. WILL. MAKE. IT. WORK!! There is too much knowledge, passion, drive within me to let fear hold me back.

So while I am afraid of the unknown, I won’t let that stop me or hold me up any longer. I’m way more afraid of regret.