Gin is Still In!

Just playing around and doing something different, with  2 pics mind you, LOL!! But I went to Boundary Road on H St NE because…well, because I could. They were hosting a Green Hat Cherry Blossom Seasonal Gin Cocktail Party! Much more citrus, floral and cherry blossom botanicals were used in its making. I’m a fan of the ‘winter’ version but this is definitely lighter and a little crisper for the warmer months. I had 2 drinks at the bar.

The Montera 

housemade orange peel horchata, lime, lemon, simple syrup, egg white, soda

Blue Bonnet

homemade blueberry shrub, thyme, simple syrup

I really need to learn how to make flavored shrubs. I just had a green apple on the other day and loved it. The blueberry in the above drink was no different. I could even smell a hint of balsamic vinegar. Yes, that was a good thing.

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