Girl Meets Glass meets Beer!


Since this blog is for all things that can be found in a glass, it’s only natural that I touch on one of America’s favorite fermented beverages, beer.

I had the pleasure of attending a media tasting at Cordial Fine Wine in Union Market on celebration of American Craft Beer Week. With 6 beers on ice, they were ready for me! I’ll discuss a few of them.

21st Amendment

Brew Free or Die IPA - Hops up front, malt in the back. What does that mean? Means it has a clean finish with no bitter aftertaste.

Hell or High Watermelon Wheat - I’m a fan of wheat beers and this one is no exception. This starts as regular beer on the brewery, then it undergoes a 2nd fermentation with fresh watermelons. So what you get is a fresh, light taste of watermelon in the nose and on the palate.

Elysian Brewery

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA - The smell on this alone had me!! I didn’t even know beer could do this. Extremely floral aroma (Duh, jasmine…) and some bite on the end. I’d suggest this to people that want to drink something other than Heineken.

Super fuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale - the way to get me to drink a beer, make it wheat or put fruit in it. This is a summer seasonal that has flavors of blood oranges of course, and Northwest hops. I could drink a bottle or 2 of this at a cookout, no problem.

No-Li Brewhouse

Crystal Bitter ESB - extra special bitter. Yeah, it was just that. I have to work my way up to this. Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout - bittersweet in flavor, it tasted like I was chewing chocolate-covered coffee beans. This is actually what a stout is supposed to taste like, think Guinness. Not quite my style and I’m okay with that.

So, what have we learned here?? That I don’t have a developed beer palate, nor beer vocabulary. And I’m gonna stick to my lighter style wheats, Hefeweizens, and the occasional IPA. You know what they say, drink what YOU like!