Grape's Great Leap Toward Immortality

If you check cocktail history, well…what was actually written down anyway, most cocktails were originally made with brandy. Vodka didn’t explode onto the scene until the 70’s and gin was a bit  before that. Soooo, why aren’t we drinking much by way of the grape now (outside of wine of course)? To quote the speaker, “Why don’t grape spirits get more love?”

Not sure.

  • Too much bling? Insert Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Drake one-liner here
  • Too stuffy? 
  • Too grand? Think XO cognacs
  • Too confusing?

Or could it be that people only think of cognac (a type of brandy) when thinking of grape spirits…? If you look up the term grape spirits or grape-based spirits, it directly forwards you to brandy. Which is a broad term. If you knew that grape-based spirits also mean, Armagnac, Pisco, Gin…would that change your mind? It should!!

Grape spirits bring a different mouthfeel, smoother to be exact. And definitely a longer finish. Swap out your vodka for a white, grape-based spirit and see what you think. I bet you’ll be surprised (and enjoy) the new dimensions of flavor you will discover!!

Tasted in this seminar:

  • Kappa Pisco
  • Encanto Pisco
  • Blanche d’Armagnac
  • G’Vine Floraison Gin
  • Selection de Casterede Armagnac
  • Castered VSOP
  • Castered Reserve de la Famille Armagnac
  • Casterede 1975 

*I’ll note that this seminar was at 10am and I spit NOTHING out. Just wanted you to know how this day started…*

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