Greater Than

Ever feel like you’re better than where you are…what you’re doing? Not in an arrogant way, but in an ‘I’m-not-living-up-to-my-full-potential’ way?? I felt that way last year. I have a 9-to-5 that’s fine. It pays the bills and buys me nice shoes and I’m good enough at it. But not exceptional, or great. I’m not passionate about it at all. But when it comes to wine…a look comes over my face. I subscribe to wine magazines, read wine blogs. I can talk your head off about wine. I’ve blogged off and on about wine, wine tasting, wine travel. I even teach wine classes at the University level and speak at wine events. And I know my stuff!! So what’s my problem?

It took a second to admit it to myself but…I’ve kinda been half-assing it on the wine front. Not posting as much as I should, not writing up events, or even posting pictures of places I’d been, things I’ve tasted. Meeting amazing people and not following up with an email or a Facebook friend request. And only because I was kinda scared to put myself out there. Scared that it wasn’t good enough, that people wouldn’t like it, that people would rip it apart… A friend of mine has a song titled ‘Bravery’, and that became my word for 2012. This year I would put myself out there and would take every opportunity, go places I was asked, write things that scared me, submit applications for contests when I knew I had the skills necessary. I’ve been taken chances all year. Wouldn’t you know it, once you step out on a little faith, you are rewarded!

Now I’d like to give my blog a little more TLC on a professional level. I’m registered to attend the Wine Bloggers Conference 2012 in Portland, OR in just a couple of weeks. From this conference I hope to meet some of the amazing bloggers that I read every day. Gain new insight and perspective on my blog. To be surrounded by that passion for wine and blogging that I had when I first started out. Ideas on how I can I expand my reach, influence more people. And of course, I want to taste wine!! So, here I am again taking a step out there. This blog post has been on my mind for awhile and I finally sat down to write it. So at the very least…I have that. Another step towards greatness. But I’m really hoping it gets me a free room from Which Wine Cooler in their Wine’d Up contest. They can also feel free to throw in one of those thermoelectric wine cellars too…a girl can dream right?? :-)

Fingers Crossed!!

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