Guest Blogger Review - Figenza

I love hearing about new wines, liquors, bitters, etc. So when my twitter friend Shai tweeted me that she tried a fig-flavored vodka…I was intrigued! She agreed to write a review of it, so here you go! THANKS SHAI!!!!

My neighborhood liquor store is pretty small but that doesn’t stop t hem from having drink promotions or taste testing on a regular basis. I’m always leery of trying some of the products because they have been hit or miss with what feels like more misses than hits. However, this week’s tasting was a hit with a capital H. When the lady asked me if I wanted to try her fig flavored vodka, I was skeptical. I grew up with a large flourishing fig tree in my yard and a grandmother who grew up during the Depression. My grandmother could stretch anything from a dollar to your mindset, but especially food. I know what a fig tastes like right off the branch, dripping with morning dew or during the heat of the day, in preserves, candied, in moonshine and in wine and a half a dozen other ways.

I wanted a few moments to ponder the idea of fig flavored vodka because I still have a few regrets after trying some of the other fruit infused vodkas. I had to make a decision quickly because 5 people walked in behind me and it sounded like all of them were queuing up behind me to try the Figenza.

I took my sample, stepped aside for the teeming horde behind me to get their samples and I sipped slowly. First reaction as it hit my tongue was tasty but mellow, not too fruity, not overly sweet. As I swallowed, it was smooth, No funky aftertaste, no burn and the taste flavor stayed consistent throughout. When I had tried other fruit infused vodkas (which shall remain nameless) I was left disappointed because the flavor “broke up” or “separated” and I could taste the fruit more than the vodka or vice versa.

I immediately wanted to bring a bottle home to mix with the Minute Maid Peach juice blend we had in the fridge.

Or mix the Figenza in white wine sangria with fresh blueberries.

Or host a cocktail party with a goat cheese, cranberry and pistachio ball, crackers and Figenza-tinis.

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