Hanging out at the Gin Joint

I’m a recent gin convert. Before Juniperlooza last year, just the thought of gin made me want to, well…I didn’t like it. More than likely it was the result of the horrible gin (not even sure if I can call it that) I drank in college. Either way, I stayed away from the stuff. Then I attended Juniperlooza. An all-out gin fest. Gin cocktails, gin & tonics, straight gin, punches, sloe gin, London Dry gin, etc etc etc. I didn’t have a drink I didn’t like. So I came to the conclusion, I like gin! Hence my recent visit to The Gin Joint.


The Gin Joint is a bar on the 1st level of New Heights restaurant in Woodley Park. They have over 60 different gins and 9 housemade tonics on their menu. I was in for quite a night! I started off simple enough, The Gin of the Day and Tonic. It was Botanist Gin with a Citrus Cucumber Tonic. Super refreshing, could taste the hints of juniper in the gin (of course) but a floral aroma stood out. I would’ve had another, but there were more gins to taste.

Next Gin - G’Vine Floraison & Honey Thyme tonic. Being a girl of grapes, loved the grape flavor on this gin, also got hints of lavender and other florals as well. The tonic added a sweet and savory element to the drink. I was a fan of this as well.

Lastly, I had an aged gin. I didn’t even know they did this with gin. Smooth Ambler Barrel Aged Gin. I just had this neat. First of all, it had a ligh golden color from the aging. Then the smoothness on the palate?? OMG! Caramel, oak, toffee…from a gin!! My mind was officially blown.

Bartender Tim was EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable about everything gin. I had an amazing time there, and met a few new friends. I look forward to tasting the rest of the gins on the menu, thinking maybe a Tweetup at the Gin Joint… you wanna join me?