His Goodies Brought Me to Eastern Market


I’d heard about this truck so I went to find it at Truckeroo this summer. When I arrived a bit after the lunch rush, they were all out of custard. BOO!! But, owner Brandon, being excellent in customer service let me try their homemade chocolate lava cake. He then said, ‘Now just imagine that with fresh custard and caramel sauce on top.’ Really, dude?! Way to tease me!! So I’ve been stalking this truck ever since! It just so happens that today I’m checking my twitter TL and see Goodies tweet that they’ll be at Eastern Market. Eastern Market was on my way home…hooray I was gonna get some Goodies! I’m sounding way too excited about custard right? Whatevs, it’s the little things.

Long story shorter, I get to Eastern Market, find parking and find the truck. There is a bit of a line. That’s good though, that means people are liking the custards. I sample the eggnog custard. I almost pass out it’s so delicious. I want to order one. Then I see the Specials sign.image I am now trying to decide between everything! The banana pudding wins out. Let me just tell you, that banana pudding was everything!! The pic doesn’t do it justice. Fresh bananas, vanilla wafers, custard and whip cream. I also think there was some crack in it, but don’t get me to lying. That will be our secret if it is.

imageGoodies also has an array of floats, shakes and concretes (too thick for a straw shakes) which I will have to try on another visit. And the warm apple crisp that I could smell from outside of the truck. And the…well, you get the point. Bottom line, you really need to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get their location and find them and get fatter by the hour. Brandon will take great care of you!image

What I want for Christmas (in case you were wondering)