How to Make a Wine Flower


After a day of conference sessions, there is no better way to chill out and wind down than after parties!! With wine!! I’m standing in the hallway headed to one when a gentleman stops me. He asks what’s going on. I tell him that there is a party inside and they are serving wine, come on in! We talk a little bit, meaning I asked him several questions because he had a tablet in his hand and looked very important. Come to find out, to me, he was.

I was talking to Roger Noujeim of Quini Wine. I’d heard talk of the app over the weekend from the conference and saw a few of the flyers. I was very interested. He told me a bit more about the app an how you could review wines, add them to a database, share the results with friends. I mention that I’m a professor and this seems like something I could do with my class. Roger lit up! He told me to meet him the next day so we could go over the app in depth.

Unfortunately, I was unable to meet Roger due to conference scheduling but I reached out to him over twitter. (Gotta love social media!!) Long story shorter, we did a conference call in which Roger explained and demo’d the app to me. Quini was developed to take users through a wine tasting in a structured and fun way. They use a flower and based on the shape and the color of the flower, that’s how your overall impression of the wine is shown. Wines can be assessed by eye, nose, mouth, finish, and personal opinion. The shape of your flower and a score is given at the end. You can then tweet or email your results.

Quini is perfect to use for my class!! The color coding, the rating system, the aroma and flavor terminology…this is exactly what I was looking for in an interactive system to teach my students about wine descriptors. AND they can track things on their own for me to review later. WIN WIN!! I signed up immediately!!

I can’t wait until class starts this fall to show my students! But in the meantime, I will use it to track some of the wines I taste for these weekly twitter chats. But please don’t just take my word for it, give Quini wine a whirl for yourself! It is so helpful in getting you comfortable with wine descriptors. A few months of using the app and you too can sound like a pro. Well, maybe not a pro, I’ve studied wine for years…you can sound like you know what you’re talking about :-)

Thanks Roger & Quini!!! Be sure to follow them on FBTwitter and YouTube also!