Hun-gary for the wines

Okay, you see what I did there?? Well if I have to explain it then it isn’t funny! Anyway, I had the pleasure of participating in the Protocol Wine #winestudio where we discussed wines from Hungary and Slovenia. (Slovenia will be recapped in a separate post) 

When it comes to Hungarian wine, I had previously only tasted the dessert style Tokaji and dry Furmint. You know I’ll jump on the opportunity to taste something new to me, something different. And I enjoy the twitter chat format because even though I may be tasting by myself, I am chatting with several other people around the country discussing the wines, its history and our tasting notes. Wine is best when shared and on Twitter, I feel like I am sharing it. 

In addition to @ProtocolWine, @OldWorldVines the importer for the wines was on hand to talk the history, tourism, flavor profile and any other question we could come up with. And we came up with quite a few questions! But enough about that, I know what you came here for so, on to the wines!


Erzsebet Pince - Kiraly dulo

Good thing this was a twitter tasting because as you can see Hungarian wines aren’t the easiest to prounounce. This, along difficulty with importation, is probably a reason that these wines aren’t more popular in the States. The price point is right and the flavor profile kinda reminds me of Viognier.  Made from the Furmint grape: Aromas of peaches and apricots came from my glass. Then orange, spice, and honey on the palate. I like the slightly sweet finish on the end, Not sugary sweet, but a soft ripe stone fruit sweetness. Serve this chilled with spicy Indian or Thai food. 

Bock - Villanyi Kekfrankos (aka Blaufrankisch)

Got the oak on this right away. But underneath that I found aromas of ripe red berries and blueberries. Very light on the palate in flavor and in weight. Also got some cherry notes as well. This is a red wine that can be served chilled and would be great with chicken or pork. A steak may be too heavy, but a lighter red meat may work just fine. You know I say drink the wine you like with the food you love.

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