It's the Cheesiest!

As if I could eat anything else on this trip… But I certainly was not going to stop once I saw the racks and racks of cheese! So, I didn’t ;-)

We’re at Agricola Zoff a full-fledged farm. I’m talking cows and of course the smell of the cows. They’ve been making cheese, yogurt and other dairy products for ?? years and supply these products to several surrounding countries. Here’s the thing though, it’s not pasteurized. You know America is not down with that!

After a quick talk about cheese and showing us where they sit the cheese to let it age, we walked the grounds and saw the cows up close. This is a family operation so the son told us about the cheese, the Dad talked us through the cow portion and how the raise them, etc, the sister walked us through the cheese tasting. The pride that came through them when they talked, oh my goodness. They were so happy and proud of their product. And with good reason. Do you see these wheels of cheese??

As if that wasn’t enough, they then proceeded to completely blow our minds and brought us yogurt. Plain yogurt. And it was delicious. But wait!! They had an encore. This yogurt was so special that they held the jar themselves and gave us a dollop. When I tell you the taste of this made me throw my head back and roll my eyes toward the heavens!! Mercy! Dulche de Leche flavored yogurt. As I pulled myself together and tried to recover, I really really tried to figure out how I could smuggle some back in my suitcase. But then I realized that I had another 6 days of travel. That was just not going to work. As if they were reading my mind, they presented us all with little jars of Crema di Latte to take with us! YIIPPPEEEE!!! I guess I’m just easily excitable.

The Dad wished us a farewell and told us to come back and visit anytime. Agricola Zoff is also a B&B with about 6 rooms on the property. I can only imagine what kind of meals they cook up for their guests in that kitchen. I took a picture with Dad and thanked everyone for their hospitality on the way out. I needed to get on the bus and take a nap.