Just a Few Drinks...

When I tell you that Twitter brings people together?? I came across some tweets with Few Spirits out of Chicago (ChiTown Baby!!) and found out that they would be in town. I promptly joined the convo and I said I was crashing whatever event they were going to. That’s the correct approach, no? So, many tweets later I meet Paul at Graffiato.

We’re chatting, and drinking Few Spirits of course, and I ask ‘How long have you been with the company?” Paul: “I own it.” *crickets*


That’s pretty much the last thing I said for the evening. So here are a few pics from the night. After Graffiato, we had gin drinks made with Few Gin and Few barrel aged gin, we went to The Passenger, Paul had a Few whiskey neat, I had a whiskey sour with Few whiskey. Paul saw a friend of his at the bar who proceeded to take a bottle out of his back pocket and suggest we all taste it…. image

Ok fine #YOLO. Yes, it was good.