Last Minute Awesomeness

Awesome happens when you least expect it. I’m on twitter all day, not always chatting, sometimes just being a voyeur. I saw a tweet from @TheLiquidMuse AKA Natalie Bovis who was in town and was planning an impromptu meet-and-greet/book signing at The Passenger that night. I went back and forth with should I go, should I not. The drinks are good, I don’t need to spend any more money…blah blah. The Passenger may be a 6 min drive from my job so I talked myself into it. And The Passenger has really really good drinks!!

I get there and order something amazing and head to the back where the signing would take place. I’m the 1st and only one here. True confession - I’m a bit on the shy side. I’m saying this to say that now, since it’s just me and her, I have to say something…but WHAT?? Natalie is so amazing, she just talked away. And had me cracking up. Her current book Edible Cocktails is about everything I’m into right now. Making your own syrups, infusions and incorporating fresh fruits and herbs into drinks. A little bit about The Liquid Muse:

  • She’s been in the hospitality industry since age 14 and finally decided to start a cocktail blog, had to do something with all that knowledge in her head.
  • 1st book Preggatinis
  • 2nd book The Bubbly Bride
  • This book, Edible Cocktails. She signed mine by the way :-P
  • Has her own small garden in Santa Fe
  • Lived in Spain for a year
  • Brand Ambassador for Fre of Sutter Home, featured their cocktails in her 1st book
  • Writes for the consumer
  • Gets behind the bar in her spare time, trains younger bartenders loves to interact with the patrons.

Did I also mention that she is my BFF in my head?? And to further this point, I saw her at Tales of the Cocktail and she remembered me and we took camera phone pics at Whiskey Blue. How cool is that?!

I’ve made several cocktails, syrups, infusions from this book so far. My favs have to be the Summer Sangria, Ice Wine Martini, Shiraz Negroni and the Pineapple Syrup. I plan to feature some of the recipes in my blog in the coming weeks. I’ll probably end up making quite a few of the cocktails, especially since there is so much fresh fruit available in the summer.

Clearly you need this book in your life!! Purchase yours on Amazon ASAP!!

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