Let Me Get a 4-pk....of that Merlot

Ok, so I know that most people I come in contact with don’t or won’t have my level of wine & spirits knowledge of appreciate. I get that, it’s cool. But if you’re going to be around me for any period of time, or in my world, you have to be willing to at least try some things and sound like you have some sense.

So, I’m out with this guy right…gonna try to look past the fact that for a 1st ‘date’ place to get a drink and a bite to eat, he decided that a pool hall was appropriate. No, he doesn’t know how to play pool. Gonna also look past the ordering of a full glass of scalding hot water so he could wash his silverware at the table. How am I able to overlook this you ask? I have a glass of some mixed drink with all the Absolut flavors and cranberry juice. That helps.

He asked what I was drinking so I told him. Then he asked if I like wine. Alright now!!! He might be about to score some major points with me and we might actually have a conversation…. I said ‘Yes, I do! You, which ones?’ Him: ‘I really like the wines with sort of a bland taste, maybe high alcohol too, like merlot. I’m really liking that merlot. I got a 4-pk the other day and popped it in the fridge.’ 0_o

Date over.