New Shop Alert - Batch 13

There are tons of liquor stores, wine shops, corner stores around DC. Some have really amazing wine selections, while others are known for their beer, and some are just in a really convenient location and have late hours. And while we may not necessarily have thought we were inthe market for a new liquor shop, we got one. But here’s the thing…it’s good!!!

Welcome to 1724 14th St NW, Logan Circle, Batch 13. I had the pleasure of checking out this shop for a wine tasting of Summerland Winery wines in their upstairs space. Still super-new and unfurnished but had a really feel and is spacious. There is even a patio off of the upstairs that they¬† plan to use next spring/summer for outdoor tasting parties and classes. Cool!

What I like about this shop

1. Great selection of wines. All the major regions were represented well, and with great producers/importers

2. Pumpkin beers…in stock!! Now I know this part isn’t timely as these are only available for a short period of time, and that time may have past by the time you finish this post. But hey, I like what I like and I likes pumpkin beer :-)

3. Liquor!! Not the major brands like Absolut, Jose Cuervo, Tanqueray, but small craft spirits from Deaths Door, Corsair, Whistle Pig, etc. They’re all from the US as well and sit on shelves in front of a wall with the American flag painted on it. How’s that for country pride!!

4. The owner. George (Yep, we’re tight like that, I can call him by his first name) has such a great plan for his space. What he wants to sell, how he wants it to look. Gotta love that for a business.

So if you’re out on 14th St and in need of something a little different as far as liquor or beer, do yourself a favor and stop by Batch 13. Say ‘HI’ to me while you’re there too, I’m probably looking in there.