Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with Moscato. It is not my go-to wine (don’t really even know if I have one of those) as I like my wines bone-dry. Some of what’s out there is decent wine. But, there are SO many wines out there, why do you want to stick with just one?? So this month, I’ll feature No Moscato Mondays! After your weekend of drinking Moscato, let me put you on to something new. You’ll thank me later. Trust!

Today’s grape - Chenin Blanc

This grape can be made in a sparkling to dessert style, and still remains amazing. Due to its high acidity it may feel as though it’s dry, but the fresh ripe flavors of quince and apple with a honeyed finish.

Look to Vouvray in the Loire Valley of France or South Africa for this grape.

Some producers of note are:

  • Remy Pannier
  • Barton & Guestier

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