Paris Bar Review - Kremlin

So, I’m here in Paris with my 5 French words (well, about 15 now as I’m taking classes) and I don’t know anyone. I look around on Meetup to find things in Paris I’m interested in and I find ‘Parisian Secret Cocktail Meetup’. Could it get any better than that!! I doubt it. 

First meeting of the ‘Parisian Secret Cocktail Meetup’ we meet at Pigalle. From there we are to head to our next destination. Cuz it’s a secret, duh. Vincent the organizer introduced himself and his co-organizer Romann. Super cool guys, and kinda cute with the scruffy beards and French accents, lol. Anyway, we walk around the corner to Kremlin. It’s a Russian-style bar complete with Russian movies playing and a cold war-bunker style feel inside.

And if you know anything about Russia, you know they specialize in vodka. I tried their special drink Caiprowska, a riff on the Caiprinha but using Russian vodka. Basic drink, fresh flavors, nothing over the top a very solid drink. Other people in my group order a drink that was similiar to an adult chocolate milk, and it came in a glass resembling a bottle. It tasted like a White Russian, poured over coffee. Not bad at all. 

Kremlin has a full menu of Russian vodkas to sample and a nice mix of Polish, Swedish, US, Candian, etc as well. A good solid bar with fresh drinks. Nothing fancy or over-the-top. There was a honey, pepper vodka on the menu from the Ukraine that I wanted to try, but they were out. Clearly I had to order a shot though, right?! CLEARLY! I got a pepper vodka, another girl ordered a dried fruit and another a violet/rose. The violet rose was the best. I’d love the pepper one in a bloody mary of course, not sure what else it could be used for. Ideas??

If you want some good vodka and some bartenders that can really show you that vodka isn’t this flavorless-odorless liquor, Kremlin is your spot. 

I can’t wait to see where our next secret drink spot will be!!