Parisian Entertaining

The thing I have noticed the most, and admired the most about the French style of life is that it is effortless, but doesn’t look that way. From the hair, to the makeup, to the clothes, to the entertaining. I had dinner with my French family one night and they bring out this machine. We were having raclette, a traditional dish made with cheese. They already have wine open by the time I get out there, a rose from St Tropez. Easy breezy. Fresh strawberry flavors with a lightly salty, minerality. 

Back to the dish. I had never heard of it, let alone had it. Silly me! There is a hot plate, but under it are dishes that are heated from the hot plate above. You put various thinly sliced meats on the hot plate and the cheese in the dish. Once the cheese gets all melty and gooey, you pour it over potatoes. Place the cooked meat on top of that et voila!! You have a meal! It’s so easy but yet looks complex. Everything was served on a glass dish and we ate on real plates. The dessert was fruit salad, beautifully colored, fresh fruit salad. So simple. A great evening that took no time, we made dinner ourselves, lol! The potatoes just had to be boiled. 

For lunch one day I watched my French ‘Mom’ whip up a quick dish using sausages, couscous and veggies. Then cut up some strawberries and put them on a plate with some whipped cream. She then put everything on a tray to carry to the living room to eat. Total prep time: 20mins give or take.

I hope to pick this up and make it a habit. Who wants to come over so I can try this out??

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