Meeting Doni Belau

Patricia’s Paris Soirees hosted by Patricia Laplante-Collins with special guest Doni Belau, author of the upcoming book Paris Cocktails: An elegant collection of over 100 cocktail recipes inspired by the City of Light and Girls Guide to Paris .

I had the pleasure of attending this soiree with about 20 other expats from various countries around the world. Engineers, IT people, artists, real estate moguls, authors, and me lol! But we were all there to hear from Doni Belau and her adventures in Paris as she researches (drinks) cocktails, talks to bartenders around Paris and explores how the French are embracing French spirits and using them to spark a cocktail craze in Paris.

Doni made us 3 cocktails gin-based, umami-based, and whisky based…and all delish! My fav was the whisky cocktail, the Bastille. I had a great night!!

Brand New!!

Brand New!!

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