Provence in the City 2012

Whenever I mention rose, people automatically think sweet pink wine. White Zinfandel that your parents used to drink. Or me waaaaaaay back in the day (that will just be our secret though). I think people are beginning to realize that rose is different than blush wines and not synonymous with White Zinfandel (that misconception certainly kept me away from them at first). Rose wines, especially those from Provence, are made from red grapes such as Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Cab Sauv. The color and the flavor comes from the dark skins of the grapes. Producers allow only brief contact of juice and skins before fermentation in order to get the elegant pink color that ranges from pale pink to a salmon-orangey pink and fermented to dryness.

With 17 producers in attendance, my wine sister, Rita Blackwell, and I sipped through several of the roses, reds, and whites from Provence that were on display. Being a very food-friendly wine, cassoulet, tuna, beef & onions, crab claws, shrimp, tuna tartare and raw oysters were served to pair with the wines. Some of my faves from the tasting were:

  • Secret de Leoube
  • Pink Floyd - Chateau Mireval
  • Espirit de Provence - Domaine du grand Cros
  • Terres de Berne - Les Vignobles de Berne

Now of course since I liked those, probably one 2 of them are actually currently being imported to the US. Wish me luck on finding those two!

The Rise of Rosè...and Rick Ross?