Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

I’m in the process of packing. After a failed business venture, loneliness, a lack of support and just all around being wiped out…I announced I was going home. One month later, I’m still packing up my house but finally set a date to be on the road next week. Today I get a phone call, I got a job!

I want the experience and the paycheck here, but I want my family and my friends at home. I’ve even already started my farewell tour… But who can turn down a job paying real money to handle these REAL BILLS I’m stacking up??? And where will I live if I stay, either way I have to get out of my place. Besides, I already have 80% of my stuff packed.

Decisions, Decisions

By the Glass: Remy Martin VSOP

         Making hard decisions needs a hard drink.