Summer in DC - The Bucket List

Washington, DCMemorial Day is the un-official start of summer. That has passed. Then we have the actual start of June 21st, which has passed as well. So now, on July 5th I’m going to actual formalize and post my Summer in DC bucket list. Why am I doing a bucket list? This is my last summer in DC. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing just yet, I just know that I’m claiming that to be true so def watch this space for any developments.

Seeing as though I’ve lived here 10+ years, there are a few things that I always wanted to do and never have, or things that I need to revisit. So, I have about 2 1/2 months to get them done. On to the list!

1. Eating

  • Mintwood Place
  • Azur
  • Daikaya
  • Red Hen
  • Le Grenier
  • Le Diplomate
  • Del Campo
  • GBD — fried chicken & donuts (Don’t judge me! LOL)
  • Acqua Al 2
  • Little Serow — tasting menu changes weekly, chef’s choice
  • Fia Restaurant
  • Thai Xing — chef’s choice tasting menu
  • Etto

2. Drinking

  • Black Whiskey — for whiskey of course!
  • DC Reynolds — BOGO happy hour
  • Hogo — an all rum bar
  • Satellite Room — sounded cool when I read about it and boozy milkshakes
  • Stans — they have extremely big pours ;-)
  • Ted’s Bulletin — Adult milkshakes
  • Arairi — Limoncello slushies
  • Bayou Bakery — Boozicle, a popsicle with booze in it
  • DC Suburbia — frozen drinks out of an Airstream
  • Mockingbird Hill — Sherry and ham bar. Word
  • Enjoy a Gin Rickey at a bar — it’s just so the DC thing to do

3. Summertime fun

  • Jazz in the Scultpture Garden
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Walk/Run Washington to Jefferson Monument

As you can see, I’ll be coming back to this post to cross things off the list so check back weekly to monitor my progress. Hopefully I get these all done, I definitely forsee some bar/restaurant crawls in the mix.

Want to come along too?? Message me, let’s meet up!! Anything you think I’m missing?? Let me know in the comments!!

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