Taking the Long Way

How excited was I to land in British Columbia, Canada for my first Wine Bloggers Conference??  Very! Too bad an hour later at the airport and I STILL hadn’t found the shuttle to take me to the Penticton Lakeside Resort. SIGH… After asking the guy at the transportation desk, he was able to arrange a ride for me to meet another guy that could take me all the way to the resort. OK, let’s go!

On the 2nd leg of the trip I hop in the van with George. We get down the road a ways and he says, “Mind making a quick stop, got a cool place to show you?” I say a quick prayer for safety and responded, “Sure!” After getting a bit turned around due to traffic, we pulled up to a breathtaking view of mountains and vineyards at the Okanagan’s dirty little secret, Dirty Laundry Winery.

In the 1900s during Canada’s gold rush era, Summerland was a pioneer town. Sam Sooney operated a Chinese laundry during this time, but unfortunately it wasn’t too successful. Apparently the miners and pioneers of the town weren’t that interested in clean clothes. Well, Sam thought of a fix for that, he opened a brothel upstairs from the laundry.  But Now the big questions was why the men walked around with clean clothes and big smiles… When the winery opened on this plot of land, they named the winery Dirty Laundry to remember that point in their history.

They really take this Dirty Laundry theme to heart too. Bras and corsets decorate the tasting room. There are 7 working ladies in the the steam of the logo.

The wines have names like Threadbare, Hoar Frost, and Woo Woo. What a cool little place!!

The tasting was free, but I didn’t want to keep George there waiting and watching me taste all afternoon. I just had the 5 wines below.

Pinot Gris — nectarines and citrus with a long lingering finish. Drink this with fish or anything with a citrusy sauce.

Woo Woo Vines Gewurztraminer — tropical and spicy. Drink this spicy foods.

Hush — blend of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cab Franc and Riesling. bright, refreshing with crisp acidity. Flavors run the fruit spectrum, raspberries, passionfruit, apple, dark cherries. Drink this with poultry, ham and Asian cuisine.

Kay Syrah — lavender, spice, and berry fruits, hints of oak on the finish. Drink this with rare meats or steaks.

Cabernet-Merlot — a 60-40 blend full of ripe dark berry fruit, cherries and spice. Drink this with beef and lamb.

I did eventually make it to the resort, where more wine was waiting. I’m just really glad I agreed to this detour.