Tales from a Virgin - Day 1

9:30 am - Continental Breakfast at the Bienville House

10:00 am - Absolut Bloody Mary bar

    Bloody Mary with Absolut Citron

10:30 am - Coffee Cupping Education - sponsored by Kahlua

     Tasted 4 coffees, Shot of Kahlua Midnight, Sip of the rum used in Kahlua, and a Kahlua Cocktail

12:10 pm - Random cocktails in the lobby of Hotel Monteleone

12:40 pm - Meet up with the Chocolate Bar (fun times!)

1:30 pm — Headed to lunch

1:36 pm - Realized I no longer had my cell phone

1:38 pm - Searching hotel for cell phone, desperately asking at the front desk, even called the Lost & Found

*Fighting back tears*

2:22 pm - My brother sends a tweet telling me to reach him

2:34 pm - Fellow Cocktailer receives said tweet and I use my phone to call him

My brother knows where my phone is!!! My phone is at the hotel waiting on me!! The person the found my phone (God bless them!!) checked my contacts and called Dad and Mom, my Mom called my brother and he tweeted me.

2:40 pm - Shot of Chartreuse in celebration of the prodigal cell phone

3:00 pm - Pick up my cell phone from the hotel, grab a tasting of Bulleit on the way out

*Hop in Pedicab to Whiskey & Whiskers

  Taste a little Auchentoshan straight. Then a Will-O-the-Wisp and a Blood & Sand. The men get shaves, the women sit around with their cups. We hear a rumbling…the heavens open right on up to the rain! Hard and heavy. Whatevs, we have cocktails, we’ll wait it out!

5:ish pm - Indie Spirits that Rock

 Saw Melanie Asher of Macchu Pisco and had a Pisco Sour, Deaths Door Spirits had an amazing cocktail with gin, etc etc etc

6:ish pm - Returned to my room to freshen up and head back out for a midnight toast at Absinthe House

Sat down on bed, figured I head time to rest before midnight.

Got up, feel slightly refreshed, but a bit of a headache. No matter, I’m still hanging out with the crew!! I yawn and stretch, look over at the clock…5 AM!!!! BURN!!!

A Day in the Life at Tales of the Cocktail - New Orleans, LA 7/26/12