The first stop on our tour, Lis Neris.

Lis Neris is located in the centre of the famous wine growing region of Friuli, in the village of San Lorenzo, between the Slovenian border to the North and the right bank of the Isonzo river to the South. More than 60 hectares of vineyards are planted in the most beautiful part of a broad shelf of calcareous gravel, dragged down by the melt waters from the glaciers of the Eastern Alps. Being close to the sea, the climate is typically Mediterranean, with the wide daytime temperature ranges that bring slow ripening and as a consequence healthy, balanced grapes with intense flavours and aroma. San Lorenzo, which is a cooler area, is where most of the white varieties are grown while Corona and Romans, which are warmer zones to the West of the winery, is mainly planted to reds varieties.

This is also the point when I really knew that it was going to be a cold, wet trip…

Taking the Long Way