The Ladies of Friuli

As a lady myself, and yes I am a lady (Lady Meets Glass just didn’t have the same ring to it) it’s refreshing to see other ladies in the world of wine. Throughout our trip in Friuli, we came across quite a few ladies that were making things happen in the world of wine, tourism, and food.

Ladies of La Subida — As soon as we got off the bus from Croatia, they were waiting on us at the door with snacks. Cheese on a stick, chicken on a stick, and freshly sliced lamb. And by fresh, I mean we watched her slice it and then she handed it to us. Anyone that supplies food to the weary is a friend of mine!

Chiara Tuppy — Our trusty translator and Friuli Tourism guide. With her, we would have no idea where we were going or what we were drinking. The drinking part wouldn’t have been so bad though, we knew it was wine!

Claudia — Another translator and tourism guide. Claudia enjoyed laughing at my misfortune of having no gloves, hat, boots or socks when the high temps only reached around 50. We also loved saying her name with our newly acquired Italian accents.

Anna San Simone — Part owner of the family owned San Simone vineyards. She joined us (with her movie star husband) for dinner on our final night in Friuli. The sparkling wine was delicious and paired perfectly with our meals. She is another one that was truly passionate about her wines and Friuli as a premier winemaking region.

Elda Felluga - Owner at Terra & Vini (and daughter of founder). We could not have asked for a better hostess. Anything we could have possibly needed during our stay: towels, water, coffee, grappa (this was often a request of ours) she saw to it that we received it. She even introduced us to the Mayor of Friuli! How’s that for extra special service!! (Since he was a VIP, he was able to sneak into this post with the ladies :-)