The Making Of: @JohnnieWalker Scotch Whisky

The Making Of… Know any other Instagrammers doing something unique with their hands? Send us a note through Tumblr.

Kilmarnock, Scotland’s Johnnie Walker produces 130 million bottles of Scotch whisky each year, making it the most widely distributed Scotch in the world.

To launch the @johnniewalker Instagram account, the company chose a few popular Instagrammers to take over their account and give folks a behind-the-scenes look at how their renown whisky is produced. Chris Ozer (@chrisozer), whose photos are featured above, served as the first guest photographer for the project (read Chris Ozer’s “How I Shoot” post here).

Follow along as Johnnie Walker enlists other members of the Instagram community for new endeavors in the future!

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