The Right Season

Remember when I said I just wanted to be great? I really enjoy the wine & spirits business, I just want the opportunity to be great at it? Not to half-ass it anymore, to just jump in and do it? Uinfortunately the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference was not to be. But, something else was!!

I can’t give the specifics just yet. But I went all the way out on a limb and did something that totally scared me. I didn’t talk myself out of it (def came close), I even had a couple of accountability friends that would check in on me to make sure I was completing the tasks that would lead to this…thing. I applied myself, applied to ‘it’…and I GOT IT!!!! This is a total boost for my confidence and just lets me know that I’m on the right path. If I just stay faithful and confident in my abilities, great things happen!! Maybe it’s finally my season

Thirsty Thursday