There are sooooo many things to learn when it comes to wine. Grape varieties, rootstock, aroma/flavor characteristics, wine growing regions, vintages, popular wineries in each regions…etc, etc, etc For me, I’m not as good with knowing certain winemakers and wineries, especially when it comes to USA. That’s kinda why I was so excited to apply to the Napa Valley Wine Educators Academy. I want to/need to know more about the amazing wines that are right here in my country. I have quite a few friends that only drink wines from Napa.

So what is it all about? Is it just buttery Chardonnays and cult Cabernets? And who are some of the heavy hitters in the industry? Well wouldn’t you know, I sat right in front of one and had no idea. What I do know is his 1966 Charles Krug was EVERYTHING!!!! This clip is of Peter Mondavi, Jr discussing the age-ability of Napa Valley wines.

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