Travel Tuesday -- D.O. Rueda

For every Tuesday during the month of August, we are traveling through Spain. I mean, I’m not in real life…just in my head, and I’m taking the blog along. Maybe one day Girl Meets Glass will land of Spanish soil, right in the middle of a vineyard :-) For now, take a look at some pics and learn a bit about Rueda.


The production area is in the Castilla y Leon region northwest of Madrid and sits between 2500 and 3000 ft in elevation. It’s location lends to a slight Atlantic marine influence with cold winters, short springs, and hot summers.


Known for their young, smooth, white wines, made from the Verdejo grape, they received the D.O. designation in 1980. Verdejo has a unique flavour, with  hints of herbs, fruit and an excellent level of acidity. Mostly aged in stainless steel to retain freshness, you also get a bit of tropicality and nutty-ness on the finish. These wines are harmonious, and their aftertaste invites to go on drinking. While the wines of Rueda focus on the strong personality of Verdejo, the region also incorporates other varieties, and vineyards, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Viura, and Palomino Fino. However, Verdejo accounts for about 98% of all production in Rueda.

Rueda — Always the Right Choice