Vinyasa & Vino at Trump Towers International Hotel (Chicago, IL)

I’m always interested in trying something new. While vinyasa yoga is not new, a wine tasting after yoga is. How cool of The Spa at Trump Towers to host a class, stretch and get all limber, then sit back and enjoy some vino with your classmates. 

I went through the vinyasa poses and various ranges of motion, well at least the ones I could manage for the full hour. Then they turned the lights on, we put the mats away and grabbed a glass. There was a Barbell & Bourbon class next door, and they joined us. I didn’t taste any bourbon though, but the option is there to drink wine OR bourbon.

The hotel restaurant somm (whose name escapes me) gave us the lowdown on the wines as we tasted through the 3. 

Movia Puro (Slovenia 2005)

Pinot Noir, aged on the less, slightly sparkling. Cloudy in appearance, very interesting flavor. Bone dry, with peach and yeasty notes. The draw here is the disgorgement, done underwater. 

Brocard Chablis Premier Cru (France 2011)

Chardonnay. I didn’t get the name of this one, I just know it was from the Burgundy region. A bit funky on the nose with hints of grass and minerals. Stone fruit, citrus, bruised apple on the palate. 

Big Table Farm (Willamette Valley)

Pinot Noir. Light in color, oak  and dark berry fruit. Chill this slightly and sip it before dinner…or after…all summer long

The class and the tasting were super fun!! Offered the last Thursday of every month, for $45 I suggest you book yourself a date sometime soon…or better yet, now! To book your spot in the class, call Caroline Rawlings, Membership Director, The Spa at Trump (312) 588-8126