Whose House is This??

I love doing private events. Like the girlfriends that are having a get together and they want to catch up while learning about wine. After about the 1st 3 wines, they’re all my girlfriends and everyone is real friendly. Today was no different! This group of women were FABULOUS!!! Like out of a magazine, fab. I’m talking we’re at a mini mansion on a lake, the ladies are all gorgeous, with amazing shoes, lol. A couple had some real wine knowledge but there were a few that we’re like, “Can we please take this class back to 1st grade, please?” BTW - the lady who said that had me in tears most of the night. Her story of starting of a night in college with MD20/20, the ending with…’where am I, who’s house is this?’ And while some people gave her the side eye, my story only differs in that it started with Boones Farm. Ah, memories. So glad I grew up, found out there were better things to drink. But I digress. This tasting was Summer Wines, wines for anything on the patio or the grill. I started off with a sangria, handing that to the guests as they arrived. Then for the formal tasting we started with a Cava, same style as Champagne but diff in flavor. Then a vino verde from Portugal. They loved this, being the color of water and only 9% alcohol, this one will get you on trouble! I was actually impressed by the Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma. It had such a round, full body. More similar in style to a Chardonnay. Break for snacks. Next up a Gamay from the Loire. They had a good laugh at my expense trying to guess what that was!! Pinot, merlot, shiraz…. Who would ever pull Gamay?? I wouldn’t lol! I just wanted them to give me aroma and flavor profile, not guess the grape. But they were kinda rowdy at this point so their hearing was real selective. Last up, a red Zin from Lodi. So many people don’t know that Zinfandel is a red grape. It is. White Zinfandel was just a very profitable mistake. It was the crowd favorite. The Cava was a close 2nd. Once the tasting was over, we took pics and I got a plate. I had stared at everyone else’s food all night, I needed some too. I stuck around ro answer questions and about an hour later, the ladies wind down. My sides still kinda hurt from laughter. What a fun time!!

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