Wine Blogging Wednesday #74

I told myself this year that I would drink more bubbly…from prosecco, to sekt, to cava, to true champagne and everything in between. Bubbly should be enjoyed for special occasions and just because. My ‘just because’ today is Wine Blogging Wednesday! Today’s topic is Value Sparkling Wine. When I saw the topic, I already had a sparkling wine in mind (Blanquette de Limoux), but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. So, plan B, Fleuraison Blanc de Blancs.                

This sparkling wine is made from the white Airen grape that is native to Spain. I’ve often heard the stat that Airen is the most widely planted grape on the planet. To make Fleuraison, the 1st fermentation for the base occurs in Spain at cool temps. This produces a base wine with crisp, fruity flavors and great acidity. Once the wine is stable, it is sent to Languedoc where it then undergoes the 2nd fermentation under pressure. At 4 atmospheres of pressure, the wine is bottled, put under cork and finished off with a foil capsule. Also called ‘Vin Mousseaux’ the finished sparkling wine has an amazing perfume, floral aroma which is quite appropriate as Fleuraison means ‘flowering’. I found yeasty, bread dough flavors on the palate with sort of a hazelnut finish. Fleuraison is very delicate in flavor so while I do enjoy this alone, it is my favorite sparkler to add orange juice for a Mimosa or crème de cassis for a Kir Royale. Either way, at $12, this is a sparkler to keep on hand for my ‘just because’ days.