#WineChat Recap - Wines of Brasil

WHEW!!! I’ve participated in several Wednesday night wine chats before, but to actual host/facilitate one…MY WORD!!! So much tweeting I could barely keep it all together!

For those that don’t know, #winechat happens every Wednesday from 9-10 PM EST. There is a new topic every week and people can reach out to the ‘hosts’ of wine chat if they want to take over a specific night. So, I signed up to host April 17th and the topic of the evening was Wines of Brasil. Haven’t heard of them? I hadn’t either before twitter. Which as you already know is where I get my breaking news info!!

Anyway, I met Katie Cavanaugh on Twitter who put me in contact with Wagner Aliberti who I eventually met at a wine tasting in Baltimore in real life. Follow? Good! So I kept in contact with Wagner and decided to taste Wines of Brasil for the chat and I got a few friends and colleagues together to taste and tweet with me.

We tasted the following 3 wines:

Salton Sparkling  (Chardonnay and Riesling)

Chalky mid-palate but very refreshing. Solid stream of bubbles and flavors of tart green apple, citrus rind and hints of pineapple. This is perfect on it’s on before a meal or paired with creamy or smokey cheeses. We finished this entire bottle.

Salton Flowers (Gewurztraminer, Malvasia, Moscato Giallo)

This is what you sip at the beach with sand between your toes! I’m talking apricot, peach, tropical fruit, florals on the nose. A bit of dryness on the palate and you definitely get that spicy kick from the Gewurz in the blend. Pair this with spicier foods (thai, indian). lemon herb chicken, tilapia, scallops, your glass…anything goes!

Salton Tannat

More notably from Uruguay, the region in Brasil that actually grows this grape borders Uruguay. Makes sense. But Tannat is also gaining in popularity in Virginia and most people on Twitter talking with us for #winechat are familiar with the VA Tannat. A bit lighter than I’m used to, but still the dark berry, green, funky-ness on the nose. Tart, dark fruit on the palate but the finish fell just a bit short for me. Other tasters enjoyed the herbs and chocolate found on the palate for this one. Need food for your Tannat? Try red meat, pasta with red sauce and game.

Well there you have it! A recap of #winechat. Hopefully you now understand why that pic of me was sideways :-)