Wines of Slovenia

This tasting was also done is conjunction with Protocol Wine and Wine Studio. This month long event took place on Twitter on Tuesday evenings at 8pmCST. For 4 weeks we talked tourism, Hungarian wines. Slovenian wines, and then a potpourri. I was so glad to have been a part of this chat as I gained so much knowledge and information from the hosts and participants.


Erzetic Winery - Rebula

From the white grape Ribbola (Rebula) this wine is pale yellow in color and tastes of spiced apples . Light in body with a crisp acididty, Super long finish. I enjoyed this wine with crab cakes, it pairs well with seafood. Or use an an aperitif to get your palate all warmed up before the meal.

Rumeni Muskat

OH, you guys are gonna love this one! It’s from the moscato grape!!! Peach and honey, but spicy on the end. Like clove, cinnamon spicy. Which gives it a nice balance, sweet for those that like it, spicy and more depth of flavors for everyone else. Drink this after dinner…because I knew you were gonna do that anyway :-)