You May Be My Lucky Star

As I sat at work, I started planning out my evening. I had clothes to wash, dishes to put away, blog posts to write, and I still had my suitcase out from last week! My phone buzzed, free rental code for the RedBox!! In my head, I kinda drew a line through everything on that list and started thinking about what movie I wanted to rent. I actually did end up mopping the entire apartment, putting a load in the washer and putting away my suitcase. I think I deserve a Monday Movie.

I would’ve loved to title this post Movie & a Merlot…but I didn’t have any Merlot. Movie & a Malbec…way too hot for the French Malbec I had in the cellar. Went with a blind pick, and that pick happened to be the 2010 Lucky Star Pinot Noir.

I like my reds slightly chilled, so I put the Pinot in the fridge  for about 15 mins while I loaded the washer and put away the dishes. Multi-tasking!!

This particular Pinot Noir is 100% from California grapes but is 90% Pinot and 10% Zinfandel. According to the winemaker’s notes, the grapes were Kept as whole berries and destemmed/cold-soaked instead of being crushed. This technique enhances the ripe, rich berry fruit flavors in the wine. While it was fermented on the skins for 5-7 days, they took care to not extract some of the rough tannins that can occur with red grapes.

More importantly, did I like it? Yes!! It had the nice, smooth berry flavors typical of Pinot Noir. But then you got a little spice on the end…the Zin. Very light and smooth, this wine is def best served with a slight chill and it also pairs well with chicken or fish (Pinot and Salmon are one of my fav food combos). I paired it with a cheese plate. Even though I’m back from France, I’ve still kept some of the habits. Cheese plates, Pain au Chocolat, Merci!

Oh the movie! I rented Gone with Amanda Seyfried. Not bad, it was suspenseful and I didn’t predict the ending. That’s a win in my book. And it was free, so no complaints from me at all!!

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