Girl Meets Glass emerged from enchanting conversations, new adventures,  and a strong passion for wine. With a vast network in the wine marketing, education and hospitality businesses, Tanisha Townsend works with you to create a unique and memorable wine & spirits experience in Paris, France or other French  wine regions. She can organize them from scratch in your office, your home, a bar or restaurant, or wherever else you may need!

Tanisha's passion for wine started with her own vacations to wine country, learning about the wine regions, and traveling with friends to enjoy the beautiful landscape and wineries. She is a member of the French Wine Society and the Society of Wine Educators.  Tanisha was a speaker at the International Wine Tourism Conference in Zagreb, Croatia (March 2013) for people in the wine and travel industry and a Wine & Spirits Professor for students in Hospitality Management. She looks forward to curating the perfect wine experience for you while sharing her stories and expertise from travels and studies of the lands of French grapes with you. 


Girl Meets Glass offers:

  • wine walking tours
  • personal wine classes
  • customized tastings
  • personal wine shopping
  • regional wine recommendations
  • wine bar/restaurant recommendations

For your bespoke Girl Meets Glass experiences, please contact Tanisha directly by emailing